Saturday, 9 December 2017

"You Do Not Have To Say Anything, Unless You Wish To Do So..."

The first line of the UK police caution. Something the police themselves would do well to heed....
In a strongly worded statement following the Premier League clash, Chief Inspector Simon Nelson said the match had signalled a “return to the dark days of football”.
He said: “We are aware that a significant number of people attempted to enter the ground with pyrotechnics, knives and knuckledusters, which were found following efforts to gain access through fire exit doors in the south stand.”
 Just one problem. It wasn't true.
But neither Brighton and Hove Albion or Crystal Palace have said that weapons were discovered.
 Whoops! So, time to retract? No, no!
Crystal Palace fans have pushed for proof of weapons but none was provided, however Sussex Police maintained that weapons had been found and told a reporter that they were now evidence
Then yesterday Chief Inspector Simon Nelson was on Twitter telling a Crystal Palace fanzine that Brighton and Hove Albion had found the weapons.
Someone needs to taser this chap & wrestle the dangerous weapon - his Twitter account - from his hands!
But The Argus understands the club had not found any weapons and has not been party to any claims that they were found either inside or outside the ground.
Sussex Police claim information about the weapons was logged by an officer but the force has not made clear where the information came from.
Ah, the convenient 'anonymous officer who can't be traced', despite the police having all those systems for logging seizures & intelligence...
The police apology, issued last night, said: “The reference to weapons being found discarded at the stadium following the Brighton v Crystal Palace match on November 28 was based on information logged by our officers on the night and done so in good faith.
“Subsequently, it has been established that no such items were physically recovered at the stadium or in the city.
“We accept that this information was incorrect and the tweet published earlier today (December 7) by one of our officers was wrong.
“Sussex Police apologises to both clubs and their supporters.”
...through gritted teeth, I'll bet!
Last night the police said that they would not make any further comment.
Like most of their 'customers'!

"To Serve And Protect (Unless We Don't Feel Like It)"

Shocking footage shows a pit bull trying to rip off the bumper of Jessica Dilallo's car as it tried to get to two cats hiding underneath the vehicle in Georgia, in the US.
Ms Dilallo is heard pleading with responding officer Dalton Police Lieutenant Matthew Locke to stop the animal by shooting or throwing a rock at it.
'The bumper was not off ten minutes ago. You can't throw a rock at him? You can't do anything?' she asks.
She later says: 'If I go out and get a gun could I have shot him legally? Why not? He's destroying my property.'
But the officer refuses, telling her the dog was not being aggressive towards people.
It's being aggressive towards someone's pet, while destroying someone's property. But hey, why should you worry, eh? It's not like you're paid to defe...

Oh. Right.
Police said they waited 15 to 30 minutes for another officer to safely capture the dog using a catch pole.
Standing around, drinking coffee?
In a statement, police said: 'We were dispatched to a call of an aggressive dog attacking a woman's car. When Lt. Locke arrived, the dog walked right up to his window and was not aggressive towards people. The dog resumed attacking the car's bumper.
'Lt. Locke decided not to try to pull the dog off himself because he didn't want to be in a position where the dog attacked him and he was forced to shoot the dog.'
It's not something you usually have a problem with, is it?

Friday, 8 December 2017

"Is That A Phone In Your Pocket..?"

"...or are you just pleased to see me?"
At a medical tribunal Yasin, who was working as a locum at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, denied their claims saying the women may have been confused as he had a Nokia Candybar handset and car key fob in his trouser pocket.
As excuses go, it's pretty novel.
Panel chairman Richard Tutt said: “Dr Yasin abused the special position of trust a doctor occupies and demonstrated sexually motivated predatory behaviour towards two junior female colleagues in the workplace, who were vulnerable by virtue of Dr Yasin’s respective seniority.
Having sexually assaulted Miss B, within a period of approximately two hours, Dr Yasin, from Birmingham, persisted in his sexually motivated predatory behaviour when he then sexually assaulted Miss A.
 That's showing a lot more stamina than we'd expect of an NHS worker..!
“His behaviour towards Miss A, the more vulnerable of the two complainants, was particularly persistent as he continued in his actions twice after she had moved away from him.
Bang to rights! 
“Subsequently, Dr Yasin has shown limited insight into the less serious allegations made against him, and has shown little or no insight in relation to the more serious aspects of his behaviour.”
Well, I suspect it's no biggie in his own country.

H/T: Ted Treen via email

"Me Fail English? That's Unpossible!"

"...because me is the English teacher!"
...Ms Berker, who appeared at the hearing via a video link, said the students could have colluded before they made their statements.
She added: It is interesting to note that not one of them said what I said. They all could of got together and colluded.
‘I will maintain what I said until my dying day. It was ill-judged. It was a throwaway remark that was made in jest. I was not trying to invoke or promote violence.’
*winces* It's 'could have', you ignoramus! What qualifies you to teach?
Ms Berker once appeared on Stars in Their Eyes alongside Matthew Kelly.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

It's Called A Fait Accompli....

Chaucer House, in Chestnut Grove, Southend, has been converted from a women’s refuge to general accommodation for the borough’s homeless. However, some residents in the area have voiced concerns.
Which they would have voiced a lot sooner, if they'd only had the chance to do so.
They are upset they were not consulted and claim the new facility is attracting antisocial behaviour, excessive rubbish and parking problems.
Given the issues they cause in the high street, it's hardly surprising!
Traci Dixon, group manager for Support Services at South Essex Homes, said: “We have arranged a meeting to discuss these issues.
Why didn't you arrange one to discuss the conversion? Because you knew the rough ride you'd get!
“We will also use this opportunity to reassure the community that, while we feel there is no need for concern or alarm, any antisocial behaviour reported to us will be investigated and managed appropriately.
“Alongside these general concerns, issues around car parking and rubbish at Chaucer House have also been raised by residents which we are looking to resolve very soon.
“We would encourage local residents to attend this meeting - being held on Tuesday, November 28 at 7pm in the Civic Centre - to discuss any issues they may have.”
The usual do-gooders infest the comments to accuse the residents of NIMBY behaviour, but they didn't object to the women's refuge, as pointed out in a comment rebuttal:

I wonder where Traci Dixon lives..?

Cyclist Vs Dog Walker...?

Adam Trimingham, who was a reporter at The Argus for 30 years and still writes for the paper each week, was riding along the cycle lane close to the King Alfred leisure centre in Hove when a dog ran out and he was badly hurt.
Well, I'm conflicted now!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

No, Actually, They Didn’t…

Really? Well, no.
He had been drinking since 11am and then, at The Railway pub in South Street, Lancing, he threatened to burn the barmaid’s house down and was asked to leave.
When he refused, bar staff called 999. When he eventually left, they rang the police back to tell them he had gone so no officers attended.
So the complainant cancelled the call. Not the police's fault.
He continued on to the Andreas kebab shop. There staff also called 999 after Hearsey got into a scuffle and a window was broken. En route to respond, officers were diverted to a cardiac arrest at Lancing Railway Station as the closest emergency service to a potentially life-threatening situation.
So a potentially life-threatening incident took priority over the night's latest abusive drunk. Not the police's fault.
Meanwhile, Hearsey, still spoiling for a fight, carried on to The Farmers pub. When staff refused to serve him he threatened to cut a barmaid’s face off. Again the police were called – but again they were called back later when he left and no police officer attended.
So the complainant once more cancelled the call. Yet again, not the police's fault.
At 8.15pm Mr Creasy called police to report an intruder was attacking him. Finally officers did arrive, then after advising Mr Creasey to lock his doors, they responded to earlier reports from Andreas kebabs and The Farmers and went in search of Hearsey, but did not find him.
Cracking 'journalism' there, 'Argus'.