Monday, 16 October 2017

I Don't Think Hurricane Ophelia's Going To Be So Bad After All...

...unless you're a cat lover, I suppose. Or Muslim!

"My old man's a dustman, 'e wears a dustman's 'at...."

....'e wears gorblimey trousers, and is abused by a Muslim chap."
The man filming says: 'Because there's a white woman here, he's taking everything.
'It is a matter of colour of skin here.'
 Of course it is... *rolls eyes*
The man filming ends the video by pointing the camera at the binman and saying: 'This face is going on YouTube today. That is the most racist little b*****d face.'
No, his isn't. But your's just might be...

H/T: DanSaffend via Twitter

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Diversity In The Met Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

A former senior Metropolitan police officer and relative of Rashan Charles, whose death sparked protests in east London, has said that the family is being treated with “disdain” by the force he served for 30 years.
As a relative, shouldn't he be more concerned with the fact he has criminals in his family?
Rod Charles, a retired sergeant and the 20-year-old’s great-uncle, said Scotland Yard’s refusal to explain the circumstances of the death shortly after contact with police meant the family’s rights “are being violated”.
He refused to stop for police, tried to swallow the substance he was carrying so police wouldn't seize it, and choked on it. What more explanation do you need?
Referring to police “use of force” principles, Rod Charles wrote that when the known circumstances are set against official guidance, it appears that “the force used [against Rashan] was unreasonable, disproportionate, unnecessary and excessive”.
He added that the Met’s refusal to explain the purpose of the arrest also seems to contravene the law.
A former public support unit commander, Charles said the family was concerned that Rashan did not receive first aid. “We will continue tirelessly to secure all our legal entitlements,” the statement added.
They always know their entitlements, but are somewhat hazy on their responsibilities....

Not So Much Fun When You're On The Receiving End, Eh?

Michael Segalov, a former University of Sussex student, was all set for the start of the conference in Brighton on Sunday, only to be informed his accreditation had not been accepted - because he did not pass the security check to enter the site.
However, the force has refused to say why the journalist has been banned.
Gosh, it's like something out of Kafka, isn't it? Good thing that's not something the Labour Party would normally condone, eh?
Mr Segalov, who is the news editor for Huck magazine, based in London, said the conference was one of the biggest events in the calendar for his publication, and said it is a huge loss not being able to attend. He does not have a criminal record and has never been arrested.
Mr Segalov, who was an officer for university’s Students’ Union during his studies, said it has prevented him from doing his job.
“Not being able to access the conference despite having no criminal record, never having been arrested or convicted of an offence while being a member of both the National Union of Journalists and the Labour Party, has meant I’m unable to fulfil my job as a journalist,” he said.
“Accessing political events is integral to the work I do, and right now, despite being given no justification or reasoning, the police are restricting me from doing this.”
Hmmm, I know it's around here somewhere....

Aha! There it is!
A spokesman for the force said: “All applications to attend the conference are subject to an accreditation process. We will not disclose details about individual applications and the reasons for their refusal for operational reasons.”
Heh! Enjoy, Mr Segalov! It's the society you helped build, after all.

Friday, 13 October 2017

It's A Bit Late Now...

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Packer, who is leading the murder investigation, urged partygoers to contact Scotland Yard.
He said: “Our enquiries so far have established there was a large group of young people from east and south London who attended this party and I need to trace as many people as possible to piece together the events that led to this murder.
“The stabbing occurred in the street and would have been clearly visible to passers-by and residents who may have been disturbed by the noise of the fight.
“This was a brutal attack that has taken a man’s life and I am urging anyone with information to come forward and speak to police.”
Yes, it's terrible when the public won't co-operate and refuse to tell the police anyth...

Oh! Hang on!
Describing the party, a neighbour, 34, said: “It was crazy. We were telling police that it was getting worse but they said they couldn’t do anything as it was a private event.
“They were playing grime music so loud and the crowd was getting more boisterous. They were swarming like bees. They all found out about it on social media.
“There were hundreds of kids waiting outside like a West End nightclub. It should’ve been shut down earlier.
There were scuffles everywhere. They were so many people rowing they were scattering in all directions.”
Ah, if only the police had turned up then, there might not have been a murder, and they could have spent their time doing what they prefer, chasing people for Facebook comments instead...

The NHS, Wonder Of The World...

Sussex Police said they were investigating the death of an 85 year old woman at the Royal Sussex County Hospital last month.
The Argus understands the investigation is looking into whether the patient was given a cup of orange liquid – which it was mistakenly believed was juice – but may have turned out to be a cleaning product.
I really don't know what's more worrying, that the cleaners put cleaning fluid in cups, or that the quality of NHS food is so poor, orange juice smells like cleaning fluid....

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Only Ones 'Targeted'....

...are the ones who deserve no help:
Pedestrians in High Street North have been parting with £20 at a time in a gambling ruse known as the shell game.
Played since Ancient Greek times, the swindle involves a small ball being shifted between one of three identical containers with players having to guess where it ends up.
Small groups have been operating up and down the high street for several months, often outside WH Smith and across the road from KFC.
Well, yes, that's where you'd expect the terminally dim to cluster, wouldn't you?
There are fears that the criminals involved are using fake players who ‘win’ to hoodwink unsuspecting people.
No, just greedy people. And thick people!
Responding, a council spokeswoman said: “The problem of illegal street gambling in the borough is a matter for the local police, however council officers are aware of the issue and have been lending support, with our CCTV team monitoring, and passing on information to the police.
“Tackling this problem requires significant police resources, as these criminal gangs are extremely well organised.”
And is this really where we want to target police resources? I really don't think so.